Upcoming Classes and Workshops

Sunday, 6-7pm
Explore the most popular form of traditional social dancing in Ireland today. Sets are dance in square formation with intricate and rhythmic footwork. Learn to dance to reels, jigs, slides, polkas and hornpipes. Instructor: Maldon Meehan and Phil Meehan. $5. September 10th Start. 
Kells Irish Pub, 112 SW 2nd Ave., Portland, OR

Mondays, 6-7pm
Irish Sean-nós Intermediate
This class will be working on technique and performance pieces and well as intermediate and advanced Sean-nos steps. Sean-nós literally meaning old-style is a highly improvisational, low to the ground, rhythmic dance form. Unlike Irish step dancers, Sean-nós dancers swing their hips and use their arms as forms of expressing the music. Traditionally a dancer danced solo on the hardwood of a half door or the round top of a barrel; as a result the steps are confined to a small space. In Sean-nós dance, the dancer is tied closely with the musician and the music. The dancer interprets the music.
Instructor: Maldon Meehan. Six week session,  Sept. 11 - Oct. 16 . $60 for the session or $15 drop-in
AudioCinema Building, 226 SE Madison Street

Mondays, 7-9pm
Sean-nos Absolute Beginners! | 6 weeks Sept. 11 - Oct. 16
This class is suited for the absolute beginner. We will cover basic movements for sean-nos dancing as well as some set dancing. Starting from step one and building upon movements. This class will be a great workout, think Irish Zumba. No Experience needed! 
Instructor: Maldon Meehan. Six week session. $60 for the session or $15 drop-in
AudioCinema Building, 226 SE Madison Street

4th Friday Ceili | Session and Dance
Called Dances 7-9, Tunes and dancing 9pm, $5 donation
Join us for a night of dancing and Irish music. There will be called and taught dances from 7-9 and from 9pm on an open Irish session with dancing. Everybody welcome. Potluck dinner. Bring an item to share, your dancing shoes and instruments.

Friday September 22 Fall Ceili
Friday October 27 Halloween Ceili
Friday November 24 Thanksgiving Ceili
Friday December 22 - Christmas Ceili
AudioCinema Building, 226 SE Madison Street

Set Dancing at O’Neill’s Pub
September 10, 7pm, 6000 NE Glisan
Mrs Doyle is getting her shoes on for some dancing with Maldon Meehan, Phil Meehan and a crew of set dancers. Come and join the fun at the pub with a great wood dance floor, functional air conditioning and cold drinks. Tunes and songs with accompaniment from Preston Howard on pipes and Teresa Baker on keys and whistles.

The band will play for any set dancers who want to join. There will be several dancers there who will call and lead others through the dance. No Experience Needed! All ages are admitted. FREE